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Walter Peterson, Owner of Digilog Studios has been doing Events /weddings for over 15 years and a club Dj for over 20 years. His versatility and experience as a DJ is what sets Digilog Studios apart from the other "cookie cutter" dj services. You are not a boring playlist so why settle on a service that only does just weddings. Digilog Studios gives you everything traditional with a Club-Style DJ experience. What’s wrong with getting the best of both worlds? From dinner parties to huge weddings. Event DJing by real turntablists with decades of club DJing experience who know how to read a crowd and "rock a party".

Digilog Studios is quickly becoming the number one choice for Vermont and Northern New England. From extravagant weddings on Cape Cod to the most intimate of affairs. This new generation of DJ Service provides everything traditional and integrates a nightclub calibre DJ/Turntable performance. The versatility and the ability to choose the right music is something that only experience brings. I hand select music to your preference and create a mood just right for your occasion. The experience of a REAL dj mixing one song into the next is something that keeps your party going untill the very end. I guarantee.

No cheese. No Fillers. No Gimmicks. Just Professional MC and DJ services.



Digilog Studios provides a professinal DJ and MC service, using real turntables, In the Vermont and New England Area.

We specialize in all events, big or small, such as weddings, bithday parties, school dances, office parties, sporting events. Any occasion, any mood, Digilog Studios provides "real DJs" mixing up music so the party never stops.

There is no event too big or too small. We work closely with the client to give them exactly what they want to create the perfect mood for your event.

No occasion or event is too big or small.

Feel fee to contact us for iformation about our services.

Phone: 802.578.3982

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